Sendai International School of Japanese

Japanese language school in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture

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School and facility introduction

School outline

  • School name:School corporation Japan Computer Academy Sendai International School of Japanese
  • Director:Mochimaru,Kanichiro
  • School principal:Imae,Toshifumi
  • School location:1-3-1Kakyouin,Aoba-ku,Sendai,Miyagi,Japan
  • Telephone number:022-224-6509 Fax number:022-224-6517
  • Establishment:July1992

School building

  • The Sendai International School of Japanese is on the seventh floor of the sister school's Tohoku computer college.
  • The school is very convenient 5 minutes walk from Sendai Station.

Fully equipped facilities

The school is in the city but it is a green environment.
We support your study with our well-equipped facilities.


PC room

Media center

License Support Center

Dining room

Health room

Student hall


Audiovisual hall

Entrance hall

Counseling room

Underground parking area for bicycles


  • There is a student dormitory for international students only. We will arrangement an apartment for those who wish to live alone. Please contact us if you need a student dormitory or apartment.

Dormitory details

Location 3-3-30Simizunuma,Miyagino-ku,Sendai-Shi,Miyagi-Ken(10 minutes by bicycle from school)
Room type:3DK,Private room of 10 square meters
Facility Desk,Bed,Store room,Air conditioner,kitchen(share),Shower room(share),Toilet(share)

Dormitory fee

Admission fee
(Only when entering a
dormitory time)
Management fee
(For 1 year)
Dormitory fee
(For 1 month)
Payment when entering
the dormitory
20.000yen 35.000yen 25.000yen 205.000yen
  • The payment at the time of admission is 205,000 yen.
  • Dormitory expenses are not discounted even during long holidays.
  • 6 months later you pay 25,000 yen every month by the end of the previous month.
  • The dormitory will be contracted once a year. Those who wish also after the second year become automatic contract renewal and you will pay for 1 year management fee.
  • Graduates should leave dormitory at the end of March.